Halloween in Durango, Colorado

Easily my favorite holiday, Halloween seems like the most obvious throwback to many of our pagan ancestor’s religious celebrations, one that we didn’t seem to feel the need to masquerade as a new, Christian version of some timeless tradition.

The inherent “evil” is right there on display: we encourage kids to be spooky, stay up late and take candy from strangers. What wonderful fun!

Here in Durango, a few particular events seem to be annual tradition, and we’ll cover those here before I just toss up a bunch of pics of our family’s costumes.

Halloween Events in Durango, Colorado

Main Ave / Downtown Business Trick or Treat

business owners hand out candy to kids on Halloween, Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado

Every year, the multitude of local businesses on Main and Second Avenues (but especially Main) hand out candy. “Officially” for kids 10 and under, with an adult, kids of all ages can be seen strolling up and down the very busy downtown area, snagging free treats from businesses galore.

Typically held from 4pm – 6pm, it’s a great way to get the trick or treating started before heading up to Third Avenue, one of the most popular and classic-looking areas in town to go door to door in search of a full plastic pumpkin button or pillow case for the evening. Almost 80 businesses are slated to participate this year, and the fire department and police often show up to hand out toys or treats as well.

Trunk or Treat

West of the previously mentioned happenings, in the TBK parking lot, a trunk or treat featuring 10 or so businesses goes down. Free games are also available for kiddos 14 and under.

Zombie March

Not a kid or a kid-haver? If you’re still young enough to enjoy Halloween but old enough to be out at midnight, an annual zombie march is held on Main Ave every year as well. It tends to start at College & Main and drunken zombies make their way north up our historic thoroughfare to wherever people feel like meandering until the streets are once again safe for the living insomniacs.

Family Halloween Storytime

On Thursday, October 26th from 10:30am – 11am, a 20-minute story will be read at the Durango Public Library, followed by some “candy-free” trick or treating around the building itself.

Halloween Bike Parade and Powerhouse Party

The Powerhouse is our local, kids-friendly science museum located near the intersection where Main Ave splits into North Main and Camino del Rio. On Thursday, October 26th from 4pm to 6:30pm, DEVO (our local bicycle club for kids) is holding an all ages parade where participants will cruise from the Rec Center (North Main,, across from Walgreens) at 4pm to the Powerhouse, via the Animas River Trail. Younger kids can join in at Rotary Park (the gazebo between the VFW and Animas Brewing) if the entire 1.5+ mile ride isn’t for you.

Fort Lewis College Halloween Events

More Halloween Happenings in Durango

Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in Durango

Third Avenue

costumed kids running from a home on Third Avenue in Durango, Colorado on Halloween

Traditionally, Third Avenue between College and East 14th Street is the hottest place to go on Halloween Night. We’ve gone there every year, but admittedly last year’s take was a little light. It seemed like many houses just weren’t participating, and not as many churches were this year either (perhaps ironically, churches like the First Baptist Church are the biggest draws in this area, on this most un-sacred of evenings.) Perhaps this is a side effect of all the AirBNB buyers taking over our beloved small town to turn it into their passive income river that flows straight into Texas.

Three Springs Fall Festival

Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, but if you don’t mind shirking a couple thousand years of tradition, you can haul the kiddos over to Three Springs, where they’ll be celebrating this ancient festival of death and harvest, this time when the veil between the spirit world and our own is thinnest, on the more convenient Saturday. The community’s festival includes pumpkin carving, live tunes, games and trick or treating from 11am to 2pm. We’ve never gone, but friends of ours have let their kids loose on the neighborhood in the evening as well for a slightly more traditional lighting scheme to the holiday.

Animas City

This year, we’ll be heading to the neighborhood across the river and behind City Market North. While we haven’t personally attended in the past, it’s a super cute and quiet area where friends have told us they rope off a few blocks to make for a safe evening.

We’ve also heard that the Halloweening is great in the Skyridge neighborhood (east of Fort Lewis College), have had some luck personally in the West Avenues (the streets west of North Main) and the streets south of College Ave.

Not sure where these neighborhoods are? The Wells Group has a nice little map of Durango’s neighborhoods.

Photos of Halloween in Durango, CO