Unique Places to Holiday Shop in Durango, CO

free gift wrapping during the holidays in downtown Durango, Colorado's Main Avenue.

Downtown Durango has no shortage of interesting shops to buy tourist t-shirts, mountain bikes and hiking gear so light it might actually make you lose weight…but when you’re looking for an actual gift that someone might really love for the holidays, which shops rise to the top of the proverbial cup of hot cocoa?

Here’s a collection of stores on Main Avenue where our family and friends actually bought things for loved ones not only during the Christmas season, but anytime a local gift is just the right touch.

Urban Market

a toddler stands in front of a store packed with eclectic goods for the home

Packed with everything from kitsch glasses alerting you to how tipsy your grandma may like to keep herself to a plethora of interesting kitchenware, handcrafted cutting boards to friendly staff, Urban Market is a place you can find something different, but actually useful, or just about any rent or mortgage-paying person in your life.

865 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | urbanmarketonline.com

Maria’s Book Shop

the front door to a local book shop in Durango, Colorado

a shiny silver trailer parked in front of Maria's Book Shop offering complimentary gift wrapping services to their customers

Maria’s is consistently voted the best book shop in town, and with stellar reason. The staff greets you as you enter and leave, their selection is great, and they also have funny adult games and a kids toy section as well. Add this shiny silver trailer offering complimentary gift wrapping during the holidays and it’s just an all around experience!

960 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | mariasbookshop.com

The Boarding Haus

the storefront of the Boarding Haus skate shop in Durango

Durango is nothing if not outdoorsy. For the skaters and snowboarders in your life, nothing beats the Boarding Haus. The owner, and his staff, are helpful and friendly — not pretentious or otherwise consumed at all like many an “X” sport shop in town — and of all the sports that involve helmets and broken bones, skating and shredding are by far the absolute coolest.

1001 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | theboardinghaus.co

Toast Records & Bakes

a chalkboard-like sign reads Toast

the inside of a record shop and bakery

It’s a record store and bakery. ‘Nuff said?

643 A Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | @toast.records.and.bakes

PS. If you’re looking for more vinyl, check out Durango Antique Market. They don’t have a huge selection, but often have impressive finds.

Tippy Canoe

Christmas gifts in a store, the Tippy Canoe, on Main Ave in Durango, CO.

Christmas decorations in the Tippy Canoe

Okay so our last stop on today’s tour is a little hokey…but what would the holidays be without a Christmas-themed store! While there is another store with the celebration right in the name, Tippy Canoe’s assortment of Pendleton blankets and local art, plus the way they stuff so much ho, ho, ho into one space makes it a joy to browse all season long.

925 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301 | tippycanoedurango.com